If you like playing Tactile Wars on your phone and you found our ivico.co website you probably decided to hack the game. You can use our Tactile Wars hack tool to get all 10 features offered by Ankama. Our Tactile Wars cheat tool was last updated on . All cheat tools on ivico.co are 100% free including this Tactile Wars cheat tool.

How Tactile Wars hack works

Since a lot of Tactile Wars cheat tools are complicated to use, we created Tactile Wars interface to be as simple as possible. All you need to do is to start a Tactile Wars cheat with a press of the button that you will find bellow. After that , select what Tactile Wars features you want to unlock including Starter Pack, Small Prisms Pack or Medium prisms pack. Wait a couple of seconds and Tactile Wars cheat will do the rest.

Tactile Wars codes for cheats

  • Starter Pack
  • Small Prisms Pack
  • Medium prisms pack
  • Big Prisms Pack
  • Attack booster
  • Skin 03
  • Platinum booster
  • Huge Prisms Pack
  • Boss Booster
  • Appearance booster

Tactile Wars is a popular Strategy game on App store and Google Play created by Ankama. Since it is a great game, we decided to create a Tactile Wars cheat tool that will allow you to get unlimited Tactile Wars features for free. There are 10 Tactile Wars features available on market and we managed to provide all of them for free, including Starter Pack, Small Prisms Pack and Medium prisms pack. Hack Tactile Wars in couple clicks!

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