Our hackers created new Secret City 1 hack tool that is very easy to use. You can hack Secret City 1 in couple of clicks directly from our ivico.co site. With 10 new features added to Secret City 1, you can get all of them for free including 10 Coins and 30 Coins. There is no need to throw away money for these small features to DOMINIGAMES, LLC when you can get them for free.

Unlimited unlocks - Secret City 1 Cheat

To hack Secret City 1, just select what features you want to unlock from 10 of them. There are features like 10 Coins, 30 Coins, 1 Hour Endless Hints and others that you can unlock for free. DOMINIGAMES, LLC did not do a good job on protecting the game so our hackers managed to create this free Secret City 1 cheat tool that you can use directly from our ivico.co site.

List of cheats for Secret City 1

  • 10 Coins
  • 30 Coins
  • 1 Hour Endless Hints
  • Special Offer
  • Endless Hints
  • Bonus Chapter
  • 120 Coins
  • 55 Coins
  • 80 Coins
  • Bonus Chapter

Now that you know you can get 10 Coins, 30 Coins and 1 Hour Endless Hints features with Secret City 1 cheat tool, you can avoid losing your money. These features cost $0.99, $2.99 and $1.99 on App store and Google play and now you can get them for free. There are a lot of options with Secret City 1 hack tool other from unlocking all 10 features.

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