Our hackers created new MU ORIGIN hack tool that is very easy to use. You can hack MU ORIGIN in couple of clicks directly from our ivico.co site. With 10 new features added to MU ORIGIN, you can get all of them for free including Pile of Diamonds and Pouch of Diamonds. There is no need to throw away money for these small features to WEBZEN INC. when you can get them for free.

How MU ORIGIN cheat tool works

Cheating in MU ORIGIN is easy. All you need to do to hack MU ORIGIN is start the hacking process. Press hack now button and select one of the 10 features that you want to get for free. You can unlock items like Pile of Diamonds, Pouch of Diamonds and Handful of Diamonds. Answer some of the questions that are given to you and complete the MU ORIGIN cheat process.

List of cheats for MU ORIGIN

  • Pile of Diamonds
  • Pouch of Diamonds
  • Handful of Diamonds
  • Chest of Diamonds
  • Bag of Diamonds
  • Scoop of Diamonds
  • Sack of Diamonds
  • Plus Card
  • Super Deal 3
  • Super Deal 4

MU ORIGIN cheat tool is free and ready to use! Role Playing games are getting easy to hack on Google play and App store. WEBZEN INC. are popular developers that don't do great job on protecting their games. That is how we created our MU ORIGIN cheat tool. Our MU ORIGIN hack engine is working perfectly. Unlock more than 10 features and repeat the process for multiple MU ORIGIN accounts.

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What players comment on MU ORIGIN cheat:

  • BoomBlaster

    I can't believe that this is working! Used it on 2 accounts!

  • BitSentinel

    I had verification problem at the beginning, but now it works perfectly fine!

  • AccidentalGenius

    WTF! This is working!!!

  • Titanium

    Works perfectly. I can't believe it was this simple :D

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    This is my favorite MU ORIGIN hack!

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    This is amazing. Thank you so much.

  • DragonKiller

    It doesn't seem to work. Can someone help me?

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    This is my third time using this cheat tool :D

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    I was looking for this for a long time! Thank you ivico.co team for making this possible.

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    Oh my god! It actually works! TNX!

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    Unlocked everything! Thanks!

  • Bowie6

    I just finished the hack process. It took my around 5 minutes. Thank you devs!

  • Surge31

    Best MU ORIGIN hack that I could find!

  • Buckshot

    Thank you guys for making this possible