Free, easy to use and working Fruitzle cheat tool. If you want to unlock specific Fruitzle features or just some of them like Small Package, Coin Package 3 and Medium Package, you can do it. We created this Fruitzle cheat tool and made it 100% free for everyone. You can unlock features in Fruitzle and avoid grinding and actually play the game as you want. Start using Fruitzle hack codes now!

Fruitzle hack platform - cheat list

To hack Fruitzle, just select what features you want to unlock from 7 of them. There are features like Small Package, Coin Package 3, Medium Package and others that you can unlock for free. Nguyen Minh did not do a good job on protecting the game so our hackers managed to create this free Fruitzle cheat tool that you can use directly from our site.

All Fruitzle features - cheat codes

  • Small Package
  • Coin Package 3
  • Medium Package
  • Mega Package
  • Limited Offer Package
  • Remove Ads Package
  • Starter Package

Now that you know you can get Small Package, Coin Package 3 and Medium Package features with Fruitzle cheat tool, you can avoid losing your money. These features cost $0.99, $2.99 and $1.99 on App store and Google play and now you can get them for free. There are a lot of options with Fruitzle hack tool other from unlocking all 7 features.

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What users comment on Fruitzle hack tool:

  • Gargoyle_xXx

    Fruitzle hack tool is so simple, thank you again team

  • VeinMike

    This is my third time using this cheat tool :D

  • Cabbie

    You guys are the best! Thank you

  • ZeroBlade

    I just unlocked all premium items for free! Thank you!!!

  • KillerBoy3

    Thank you so much for this Fruitzle hack!

  • Bootleg Taximan

    Nguyen Minh said that this game is impossible to hack. I love how proved them wrong. AGAIN! :D

  • Broomspun

    I used cheat tool couple of times, but this Fruitzle worked like a charm.

  • Hurricane

    Works perfectly. I can't believe it was this simple :D